Microfin Analytics was the grading partner for the 10th MiNE INDIA 2019 held on 13th December at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru, where participants, including experts from the industry and other stakeholders deliberated on several aspects related to the sector.

SMERA was the grading partner for the SIDBI National Microfinance Congress 2019

26-27 November, 2019

Suman Chowdhury, President, Acuité Ratings & Research Ltd, participated as a panelist in a panel discussion on “Emerging risks in microfinance sector” held as part of SIDBI National Microfinance Congress 2019. The other panelists in the discussion included experts on the sector and CEOs of Credit Information Companies (CICs).

The key takeaways from his statements – “Credit risks in the microfinance industry are not always reflected in delinquency figures.  The vulnerability to event risks has been empirically seen to be high in the sector and is strongly correlated to rapid portfolio growth driven by over-lending as well as concentration in a few states. Good governance at the board level supported by a robust risk management framework can mitigate some of these risks and facilitate a sustainable growth of the sector. SMERA – a division of Acuité, believes that its offerings on Grading and Code of Conduct Assessment (COCA) can help lenders and investors take decisions in this rapidly evolving micro-credit landscape.”

SMERA Microfin Analytics MFI Summit

The transformation of the MFI industry over the years from just being the small money lender to few people, to becoming the primary source of funding for millions of people across the country is exemplary. Today microfinance industry is a significant contributor to the economic and social empowerment of the large set of population. The government and regulators focus on financial inclusion worked as a stimulant to the sector growth. Besides this, the strong economic growth exhibited by India in the last few years have further fuelled the growth for microfinance. However, this journey had its own challenges, highs and lows. It is a dynamic world and things are changing rapidly right from the country’s demographic profile, technology innovations and adoptions, policy framework, etc. Hence it is necessary to see back, analyse and understand how the developments have taken place in the industry, their impact – positive or negative, lessons drawn and find inspirations from the best practices across the globe that have led to the sustainable and inclusive growth. With this objective SMERA Microfin analytics is creating a platform by conducting events and creating a thought leadership forum for the industry to discuss the current state and work towards the sustainable development of the sector. SMERA Microfin Analytics believes this platform will provide the way forward for microfinance. The program is to be attended by Industry Members, Promoters, Financial Institutions/Banks, MFls, NBFCs, Government officials, Regulators, Academicians, Practitioners, etc. We look forward for your participation in the program. The details of the program will be informed soon.

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